Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Clallam!

During the month of Low-Car Diet, participants receive $150 driving credit to use the Zipcar!  My opportunity to try it for the first time came this past weekend.  On Sunday I've got a big bicycle ride in Issaquah in the morning, then a BBQ in Shoreline.  Though not impossible, probably not fun to do that by bus.  Plus, I was itching to try the Zipcar anyway.

I was proactive and made a reservation for a Zipcar on-line a week ago.  Their reservation process was very user-friendly.  You check to see where your nearest Zipcar spot is, and then check to see if the car is available during the time you need it. 
Luckily, there are two Zipcars available about two blocks from where I live.

I've gotten a Honda Civic Hybrid named "Clallam."  How cute is that they each have a name...

I actually had to change my reservation at the last minute.  So I called the help line and the woman on the phone was very, very helpful.  She tried to answer my silly question like "Can my bicycle fit in the back seat?"  Of course, she wouldn't know if my bicycle would fit in the back seat...  but she was very nice about it.

And, YES, my bicycle does fit in the back seat!  (if you take off the front wheel of course).
Honestly, I was a little nervous to drive this very nice car.  It is not like my beat-up 2000 Honda Civic.  it is squeaky clean and no scratch anywhere! I also felt like I was cheating on my own car a little bit...  My old little Honda (no name) had no idea that I was driving this newer, better-looking Clallam, quite excited, as it sits in my parking lot wondering why I hadn't driven it at all this week.

I made it to Issaquah safe and sound and enjoyed the bike ride for Cycle the WAVE.  It was pouring rain during the ride unfortunately, but Clallam kept me nice and warm on my way home.  While driving, I was wondering if people around me have noticed the "Z" sign on the car, or saw their slogan "wheels when you want them" in the back and thought how cool I was to be driving a Zipcar!

After visiting with some folks for a nice early-fall BBQ in Shoreline, I got back to my neighborhood and returned Clallam to its spot.  Today, as I looked out of the window from the bus, I noticed that Clallam was gone.  It makes me happy to know that there are other car-sharers in the neighborhood!  Good bye Clallam!  Until next time.

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