Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Get Around...

One of my concerns about not driving my car was that my social life would be so limited.  Not that I have such a full social life anyway (hint: this is a Saturday night as I post this), but I still wanted to do other things than going to and from work every day. 

Let me share some of the outings I had without my own car last week.
  •  Tuesday - I took a bus to have my hair appointment on Capitol Hill, and then my hairstylist/friend and I had a lovely dinner in International District.  I took a light rail home.
  • Wednesday - one of my co-workers took me to Bellevue College for my first class there!  My instructor OKd me to leave the class about 10 minutes early so I could catch the bus home. 
  • Thursday - someone else from work gave me a ride to Ballard where I met with a couple of friends for a delicious meal.  Took a bus & light rail home.
Not to mention this is in addition to going to meetings and working at multiple locations during the day!  Not bad, eh?

As you can see, this Low-Car Life has given me more opportunities to ride in a car with people.  Riding with someone means more hang-out time with the person!  I've had really random to deeply meaningful conversations with folks in a car so far. 

It also encourages me to ask for help.  When I had my no-car life before, I used to hate asking for a ride from people because I thought I was burdening them.  I don't know if it's part of the aging process or what, but I don't really feel bad about asking for a ride any more.  If they can, that's great, and if they can't, that is OK too. 

I've also noticed that it helps me to be more efficient at work.  If I had my own car, I could just stay and work on a project for as long as it takes, but now, I'm on a schedule.  So, I've been doing a good job prioritizing, and if I don't get something done, I just leave it till the next day if I can help it- I've got a bus to catch!!! 

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  1. I never thought about the social gains of catching a ride with someone else. Awesome!